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Alfa Beta SRL is one of the most important local retail networks in the eastern region of Romania and the main local retail network on the Romanian seaside. By the listing of the products of the seven Alfa Beta supermarkets, strategically placed in commercial hubs in Constanța city – main port on the Black Sea – the brands enjoy significant sales and brand awareness at both national and international levels, in the presence of numerous Romanian and foreign tourists, but also the sailors from the ships coming into the port.

The attention granted to the clients for the 25 years of existence of our company made the sales increase from one year to the other, so that Alfa Beta concluded the year 2017 with a total turnover exceeding 20 million euros. Our orientation toward clients determined us to invest in a butchery of our own, in order to provide fresh, high quality products, and in a logistic warehouse as interface between domestic and foreign suppliers and the shelves of the seven supermarkets. To achieve our target aiming at satisfying the most exigent requirements of our clients, we listed over 12,500 SKU’s in our shops, offering a diversified assortment of products from the most important manufacturers from Romania and from Europe, but also from local producers, whose brands comply with the quality standards required by the clients of Alfa Beta shops.

Our dynamic approach of the consumer goods market classified Alfa Beta SRL on the 14th place in the National Top of LKA Retailers  (LKA = Local Key Accounts) and on the 25th place  in the Top of retailers in Romania (IKA + LKA). The attention granted to our clients’ needs is rewarded at present by the sales achieved in the seven Alfa Beta supermarkets, such sales covering 45% of the traditional trade with consumer goods in Constanța city. At the same time, Alfa beta SRL is a trustworthy partner for the suppliers of products, who offers optimal conditions for delivery and warehousing, advantageous conditions for payment of deliveries, as well as the opportunity to increase the sales volumes by special offers and promotions.